Renault Trucks inaugurate Demo Program

February 1, 2020
Posted by: Triangle Heavy Equipment

In a first of its kind in Egypt, Renault Trucks is ready to launch its Demo Truck program within 1H2020 eyeing a booming economy and favorable customer reviews to boost its customer base.

The program will aim to increase awareness and trigger sales action through trial and is part of a larger campaign to boost the presence of the French truck maker in Egypt.

The program has already garnered widespread interest with at least 30 customers subscribing from across Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Damietta, Sinai, and Upper Egypt.

Renault Trucks is widely acclaimed for its industry pioneering technologies, and its ability to package these features according to the segmented needs of industries, or more specifically, its Range C, K, and D models in order to meet the different application needs of its customers.

Locally, Renault Trucks struts a highly loyal niche market since it originally launched in Egypt back in 1961.

After a brief hiatus, Renault Trucks announced in early 2019 that it would re-enter the Egyptian market with THE as its local partners. THE are well-versed in the Egyptian market as a trustworthy supplier of top-tier heavy equipment machinery.