FG Wilson dazzle consultants in Belfast

March 28, 2020
Posted by: Triangle Heavy Equipment

Trade consultants and quality engineers have given their stamp of approval on the manufacturing processes adopted at FG Wilson’s Belfast facility.

The factory visit to FG Wilson’s Belfast facility came to establish the credibility of such claims and to assure that such generator sets are compatible to the business needs of industry magnates and fuel emissions standards of the Egyptian market.

Durability was another important factor in consideration. With ISO0000 certification, FG Wilson generators are tough and durable, enabling them to operate within the harsh climates and environmental conditions found in Egypt.

The September visit saw on-ground presentations of the manufacturing processes from start to finish, as well as technical workshops and seminars that represent the functionality of FG Wilson’s proprietary technology in their manufactured gensets. This came amid a push to demonstrate the competitive edge of FG Wilson in the Power Generation division against other global players in the Egyptian market.


FG Wilson, represented in Egypt through THE, is a premier British manufacturer of generator sets with a global presence and a strong reputation for quality assurance.