CompAir Reveal “iConn”

March 27, 2020
Posted by: Triangle Heavy Equipment

CompAir Reveal Breakthrough Maintenance Technology “iConn”.

Industrial equipment powerhouse CompAir, a brand of Gardner Denver, recently announced the roll-out of iConn: a cloud-based assessment platform dedicated to the oversight of CompAir equipments’ maintenance requirements.

The state-of-the-art technology incorporates well-established digital technology to provide real-time status feedback of its compressed air solutions as well as breakdown and scheduled maintenance reporting.

This service solution, which is fitted across CompAir’s full-line of new compressor models, includes added safety features, such as leakage detection (by measuring power consumption), predictive, and preventative maintenance designed to protect against unnecessary mechanical failure and safeguard the integrity of our customers’ equipment. As an added bonus, all CompAir equipment settings can be configured to meet the individual needs of our customers.

iConn was specifically developed to minimize downtime with shorter planned stops and timely maintenance. The logic behind it is driven by the desire to synthesize an optimal plan of maintenance intervals, which in turn, would eliminate unnecessary service calls and help optimize parts management to keep costs at a minimum. This translates into better, more reliable machine performance and happy customers.

iConn’s performance data can be accessed remotely via iPad or computer and is considered a huge leap for CompAir that keeps it in the running against both fast-paced technological innovations and an increasingly competitive industry landscape.